Skycrafters, Inc.

▫️Tennessee’s oldest flying club
▫️Tri-Cities Regional Airport (KTRI), Blountville, Tennessee

Quality aircraft ­
  • excellent paint, interiors, avionics
  • maintained to high standards
  • supports variety of missions (VFR and IFR)
Lower cost of flying
  • compared to renting or owning
  • better aircraft for lower cost
Availability of aircraft
  • easy to schedule
  • aircraft may be reserved for trips and extended periods of time without flying charges while the aircraft is not being flown
Operating from Tri-­Cities Regional Airport ­
  • centrally located
  • excellent and convenient facilities for maintenance, fueling, shadeports, ­and meeting facilities
  • Air Traffic Control, instrument approaches, large runways
Excellent club infrastructure
  • charter, bylaws, club procedures
  • insurance
  • accounting and billing system
On­line scheduling system
  • easy scheduling
  • minimizes scheduling errors and conflicts